Remote Backup

RCS Remote Backup provides your company with a secure and efficient backup solution on the Internet. You can safely leave the data backup to us, and avoid losing business-critical data.

Save time and resources

You save resources on purchasing, maintaining and operating your own backup solution by outsourcing to RCS IT.
Forget about keeping track of what's stored where and when.
We take care of your data as if it were gold - literally.
Your backup data is stored in a hosting center in the former Nationalbank in Odense. Far underground, fortified behind a half-meter-thick iron door, your data is safely protected against both fire and power outages.
We store data in two physically separate server locations. All processes and routines are monitored, and daily you receive a status e-mail with detailed information about the last 24 hours of data transfer.

Restore - fast and easy

Should the accident occur and you need to retrieve your data from our backup storage, it will take a few clicks of the mouse. Simply select the file or files you want to restore, click "restore" - and your data is on its way back to you. Breakdowns do not have to mean big losses for your business!

Quick and easy installation

Our technicians install the necessary software on the company's server (s). Then we make a complete backup of all relevant files and folders to RCS Remote Backup system, and then the backup is in operation. From now on, we will only back up the changes that take place. You will then receive a daily email with information about the latest backup.

See our product sheet below

If you are interested in hearing more about what RCS IT can offer, give us a call and get in touch with Robert Schytt.