Product Configurator

RCS Product Configurator is a solution that addresses itself for companies that use bills of materials.



With the RCS Product Configurator, you can simplify and automate your process of constructing bills of materials. The solution supports sales of an undefined number of variants of products and secures a correct production base.

The bills are made in WEB Business Manager (WBM), which is a program that RCS IT has developed. WBM is fully integrated with SAP Business One. When the chosen configuration is set-up in WBM, a finished bill of all the materials needed is seen. The bill of materials can afterwards be used for production, and the process is ultimately made simpler.

The RCS Product Configurator can make bills of materials, support effective purchases and reduce the number of  wrong purchases.

You can read more about RCS Product Configurator in our product sheet.

See our product sheet below

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