lgp-consult is a lecture company that has worked with staff well-being at all levels for more than 20 years. Their goal is to motivate to action, motivate to take responsibility for their own and others' well-being, provide tools to move forward and get the best out of any situation. lgp-consult offers a breathing space for both individuals and companies. For them, the most important thing is to create job satisfaction and enthusiasm, focus on health, well-being and stress management.

Lisbeth G. Petersen from lgp-consult says:

RCS IT has made it easy to keep track of agreements and have it all together in one platform. It provides an overview and is saving time. It is easy to work with RSC IT, they are patient and thoroughly understand what we as customers need help with idea development and follow up. Just what we need. ”

In 2014, lgp-consult began their collaboration with RCS IT. Lgp-consult has got a Timesags (WTM) as well as Web hosting (CMS) with customizations.

With this solution, lgp-consult has a more up-to-date and modern website, so they can easily manage their website as well as time registrations. They now have an integrated booking system so that their time management and information is synchronized. The integrated system makes lgp-consult more efficient, and now has more time to focus on their core competencies.