RCS IT has developed a new solution for you, who wishes for a simple point-of-sale system, which is fully integrated with SAP Business OneRCS WebPOS is our new POS system, which makes sure all of your companies daily workflow is connected and made easier.

Take RCS WebPOS with you everywhere

RCS WebPOS can be set up and run on every device that can run a safari-browser. That also means that WebPOS is mobile and can be taken with you on many different mobile devices, allowing your staff to be mobile. The mobile solution makes sure that your staff is not bound by a cash register, but can go out and interact with the customers and take orders and make sales anywhere in the store. Both you and the customer get peace of mind, not having to think about excruciatingly long lines at the disk. The combination of personal service and the quick check out, can only lead to increased customer satisfaction.

A simple, but powerful solution

RCS WebPOS’s simple user interface means that every single function is clear, meaning that the process of learning for new users is considerably easier, but also making everyday use of the program simpler and easier to handle.

RCS WebPOS offers you the ability to run a part of your business directly from the system, like creating new items in your system or processing a cash flow rapport. The reliable data, which you get out of the solution, makes sure that you have everything you need before making decisions about the future of your company.

Fully integrated

A SAP Business One solution already makes sure you have all the control over your items, transport, orders, and stock. With help from RCS IT, you can now use the data from your SAP Business One in your POS solution.

A complete solution makes sure that both your RCS WebPOS, RCS WBM and your SAP Business One are all integrated with each other. That means that all transactions, creation of new customers, creation of new items, order management and more is done in WBM and WebPOS, meanwhile master data and accounting is to be done in SAP Business One.

The POS solution that includes

  • An integrated POS system
  • Several stores in the same solution
  • Handling of cash, credit cards and gift cards
  • A simple user interface
  • Creation of items and cash flow reports directly in the system
  • Mobility with several different devices

If you are interested in hearing more about what RCS IT can offer, give us a call and get in touch with Robert Schytt.