SAP Business One Cloud

SAP Business One Cloud - Browser Based ERP for your SME

What is SAP Business One Cloud? 
SAP Business One Cloud is a platform, which gives you easy access to a SAP Business One solution. 
The cloud-based platform is pre-installed, ready for use and configured to optimise your business processes. The widespread Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for smaller businesses, SAP Business One platform, is pre-installed and ready for use.
What are the advantages by using SAP Business One Cloud? 
SAP Business One Cloud is a cost effective way to get access to a complete solution based on SAP Business One, without the trouble of investing in hardware, network, backup, maintenance, and following updates of the platform.

All costs are bundled in one monthly price, which include an unlimitied amount of time to use.
No upfront investments gives you the opportunity to get ready as fast as possible.
The predictable expenses gives you the opportunity to precisely plan and budget your future.
Reduce the IT-expenses by reducing maintenance and technical support, which is required with such a solution.


Simple and immediate access to SAP Business One. You can begin testing functions by performing simple and intuitive tasks and by doing so, becoming gradually confident with SAP Business One

SAP Business One in the cloud gives you the opportunity to focus on the business.
SAP Business One Cloud-solution is offered as a prepaid service, which is invoiced monthly. The platform is certified by SAP.


SAP Business One is your gateway to the Cloud Computing arena. The cloud-technology makes it possible for your company to work effectively with software and hardware, which is delivered as services, streamlining your companys workflow. Cloud storage eliminates the need for upfront software and hardware investments. You are only required to pay the monthly fee for the services you actually use and then you pas as you keep using the platform. This gives your company a lead by allowing you to plan your economy much more effectively and increase productivity.