Abena is a production and trading company that started in the 50's with a modest product range. Today, the group is an international trading company that delivers quality products in a wide range of areas to both the private and the public sector as well as the private user worldwide.

Martin Kortbek Nordentoft from Abena A/S says:

“We have an efficient transport solution, which helps us with the planning of journeys and gives us a better overview of the workflows. We have continuously had a dialogue with RCS IT in relation to the improvements we needed, and they have been very fast and agile in the delivery of these”

In 2019, Abena began their collaboration with RCS IT. Abena has received a tailor-made transport solution from RCS for easy workflows.

With this solution, Abena have improved their drive planning, so that they now have a better overview and facilitate the workflows for both the people in the office and the driving drivers. They now have an integrated transport solution that is synchronized. Their routes are automatically planned, for the various drivers. The integrated system makes Abena more efficient, and now has more time to focus on their core competencies.