Transport and logistics solution

RCS IT has created an industry solution for SAP Business One, which is tailored for companies working within logistics and transport.

Pickup and delivery

With our Transport and logistics solutiong and SAP Business One as a platform, you can plan the optimal route and load in the right order for the individual cars. Packages can be picked up from a number of suppliers to a warehouse hotel for sorting to the individual postal codes, and then be delivered to individual end customers, or you can pick up and deliver directly to

the end customer. In a screenshot you can get an overview of the route.


The system can calculate prices itself, both for own trucks and external trucks. The system can handle price agreements with different customers. The price agreements can be created in a zone table formed from postcodes.

Regular customers can be created with their own price agreements. The price is then calculated automatically.
In the administration system you can easily see:

  • If a booking is, complete or how far it is in process.
  • See which packages were scanned or not scanned, on the cars.
  • Tour list with an overview of remaining packages on the individual trips.

The scheduling system is fully integrated with SAP Business One, so information only needs to be entered in one place.
Because all information is automatically transferred to SAP Business One, all information is ready for accounting, for example, so that settlements can be made without looking in the planning system.


Employees can online check in and out. They registrer time, mileage on the car when checking in and out. If they put fuel on the car, they registrer pris and liters. This way you get an overview of all cars, packages and how far the car is on the route.