Terminal Server

With a Terminal server solution from RCS IT, your employees can always log on to the company's systems no matter where they are in the world - whether they are consultants traveling abroad, driving salesmen on Danish roads or working from home.

Quick and easy access to company data

Via a laptop, a home workstation or a thin client, the employee can easily access the company's network and servers. They simply log in via an Internet interface. All programs and data run locally on the corporate network, which only forwards screenshots to the user. The user thus remotely controls his systems with a familiar Windows user interface and everything takes place in real time, so it feels as if you are working locally and without delays.

Citrix more security

Via our partner Sentia, we offer citrix, which is the solution for you if you want to gather your applications in one place, to optimize maintenance and rollout for users. With Citrix, you can maintain your company's printers and applications and monitor the entire network and users in one place. All maintenance and administration are thus centralized regardless of the number of users, clients and hardware.

Citrix provides high security and fast access to your applications - no matter where your employees are!

Our partner Sentia is a certified Citrix Access Partner - Silver Solution Advisor. This means that their employees are trained in the latest technology, which ensures you the best advice and service