RCS offers quality hosting

Managed Hosting - Put your IT out of the house and save time and hassle.
Many companies today spend far too many resources on maintaining their own servers and IT solutions. But in fact, hosting is something you can outsource with great success - and you can choose to host all or part of the company's IT at RCS IT, which in collaboration with Sentia offers hosting. With us, you get much more than a hosting solution: we can offer rental of everything from hosting, hardware and software, to ongoing operation and servicing for a fixed, low service per. employee / unit per month.

Secure data storage in a reliable environment

You avoid the hassle of keeping your servers and systems running and are better protected against crashes. Have your systems and data stored in a reliable environment in our professional hosting center where everything has been thought of, from internet connections, access control, power, cooling and monitoring, to not least security and backup.

Focus on your core business

More and more companies are choosing to outsource their IT operations to free up both financial and human resources. This allows you to focus on your core business and gain an edge over your competitors.