Convert to SAP Business One

Do you want an ERP system your company can grow and develop with, many years into the future? Then SAP Business One might be what you've been waiting for. SAP Business One is an ERP system that has been developed especially for small and medium-sized companies. SAP Business One can be adapted to all companies.

All companies are different and SAP Business One is therefore designed to be easily adapted to your specific needs. If your company grows and your needs changes, SAP Business One can be easily adapted on an ongoing basis.

Many years of experience

RCS IT has for many years had its main focus on SAP Business One and we can therefore offer you 12 years of experience and knowledge. RCS IT has plenty of experience with conversion from C5, e-conomic, Nav, Visma, etc. for SAP Business One.

To convert from one ERP system to another can be a big project, but with RCS tools and knowledge, it can be done quickly and efficient. As a certified Microsoft and SAP Partner, RCS IT has in-depth knowledge of both C5, Nav and SAP Business One and can therefore efficiently convert all your data into SAP Business One.

SAP Business One is available on several different platforms, you choose whether you want to install on your own server or stick to your core competencies and let us take care of everything. Have your IT system in the cloud and take it with you everywhere. Log on to SAP Business One on the mobile, iPad or via a computer. SAP Business One can be adapted to your specific needs.

SAP Business One is designed to follow your business. SAP Business One is function specific and can be set up so that different employees only have access to the information that is relevant to them.

Constant development

SAP Business One is an ERP system in constant development. SAP Business One is today one of the fastest growing ERP systems worldwide, and new updates and functions are constantly being added as the world changes.

If you dream of growth in your company, invest in an ERP system that supports and helps you to make good decisions. SAP Business One can follow your business and give you an overview of your business, so that you have a good basis for decision-making.