Online Backup

Do you know how your business-critical data is secured? If not, it is likely because it is not secured!

RCS IT can help you. We can make sure your data never disappears!

With backup, we secure your data, in an easy way.

The backup is over the Internet, where new data is transferred to centers at agreed times, where the backup is stored.

Easy and quick

First, our technicians will install the necessary software on the company server.

  • Complete backup is made of all relevant files and folders.
  • Automatic online backups every day.
  • You will receive a daily email with information about the last 24 hours of data transfer.
  • All your data is encrypted so only authorized people can read it.

This way, you no longer have to worry. Should there be a power outage, water damage or fire, then you know that your backup is ready for use.

Your backup is easily available if you need it. Simply select the file or files you need and click "Restore". Then your data is on its way back to you.

It is really that easy, are you sure want to risk it?