SAP Business One

The best way to succeed, for companies which wish general business functionality is SAP Business One. It is a simple but effective solution, which holds in mind the needs for accounts, reporting, logistics and automation of the sales force. The solution has the following advantages:

Fast Implementation
SAP Business One is easy to install and maintain because it is based on open standards. These open standards do not only support integration with other systems but they also ensure a shorter training process for the users.

Fair Costs
SAP Business One is prized with the small businesses in mind and it offers a full program of information handling functions. These functions create new values and are on a manageable investment level.

Increased Production and Cost Control
The user surface is easy to understand and makes the employee able to use our solution fast, at the same time it supports fast cost and production improvements. The Drag & RelateTM function makes it possible for the users to connect information from different areas, which eases and improve the use.

Intelligent Decision making
SAP Business One gives leaders the opportunity to get strategic data effectively anywhere in the company because the solution gives full control of the data and activities. Everything is placed in one fully integrated system.


Sturdy adjustment
The flexible and powerful technology makes it possible for small businesses and midsize companies to ensure growth while being able to adjust their SAP Business One solution

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