Modules for Web Business Manager

RCS Web Business Manager is a simple and effective system to record the time and resources required to perform actions and tasks in your business. It provides a quick overview of the individual case progress and economy, while saving the company time and money.

Invoicing the time done in the field 

Web Business Manager allows quick overview of all business cases and projects. This provides an optimal case management, giving results directly to the bottom line. This leads the real time used on a given task or project to be always visible and billed.

Time sheet entry

The core of RCS WBM is based on easy and effective time tracking for each employee. Via a manageable weekly pass, the employee can enter their time spent on individual cases.

Statistics and economy

RCS WBM provides an easier way to get an overview. With help from the built-in report generator, it is possible to create dynamic reports that can provide you with precise statistical and economical data.

Products and stock

RCS WBM offers a full overview of products, which are sorted by price lists generated in integrated software. The overview also informs you about the products stock.

Project manager

Web Business Manager offers a comprehensive project manager, which makes sure all project-related data is gathered in one system. Some of the functions that WBM’s project manager can perform are of the following:

  • A projects budget can be monitored and administrated directly from the project manager. That means, you do not have to think about different platforms for the same project.
  • With RCS WBM you can invoice directly from the system and the set-up of your invoice will be taking place dynamically in the system or the invoicing can be automated and set up in conjunction with your existing business system. WBM supports every common billing method.
  • WBM also contains an effective module for handling documents. With RCS WBM Document Interface (DI), you can create, edit, and send all documents that regards the project.

Customer and campaign management

RCS WBM contains a comprehensive customer, delivery, and subject card index, where you can make an unlimited number of contact persons per business partner and journalize all the important master data.

Personnel management

How much vacation time do I have left? How much unpaid overtime do I have? How many kilometres have I been driving in my private car this month? All these questions can be answered with just two clicks in the Personnel Management system. Aside from that, you can easily generate reports that show the employees' number of invoices, time usage, and cases.

Customer service

RCS IT offers different ways to get support. We can offer a Support Desk, that processes support tickets. Another way is to plan the dates where you need support directly from the project manager.

Access 24/7 via the Internet regardless of location

RCS WBM is web-based, providing significant benefits for your business. The system does not need to be installed on the employee's machine. It guarantees a non-stop access from the office, at home and out in the field - via a PC, a tablet or a mobile phone with Internet access.