Production businesses

Today companies that work with production experience a great deal of pressure from customers. It is not uncommon that there are several different suppliers for a single product, therefore it is important to keep your customers and satisfy their needs. Great requirements are set for quality and delivery, and the right ERP-system can make sure to ease some of the pressure for your business.

It is very important for your company to deliver a great price, but at the same time be able to make a profit. Planning is crucial in production, and it has to be precise to ensure you are able to deliver. The productivity in production companies is often a conclusive factor. This is where the right ERP-system can help you getting a great overview, thus granting you the ability to make the right decisions for the future of your company.

RCS IT has specialized itself in delivering integrated software solutions. We deliver both standardized solutions, but also custom solutions for both small and medium sized companies.

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Order-based production

Find out what needs your company has to optimize work processes and production planning. Click to read more.

Project-based production

Is it important for an ERP system to adapt new projects? And how do you keep the overview? Click to read more.

Overview with Gantt maps

With Gantt charts, you can see whether you are using your resources to the full and then plan your production more efficiently.

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