1. Offers, Accept and Confirmation

A written offer is considered to be binding for RCS IT. A written offer is considered to be annulled, if not accepted within 30 business days. An order is considered binding for RCS IT when there is a written order confirmation from purchaser.

2. Prices

All prices are quoted in Danish kroner. Prices in an offer are based on the acceptance of the whole offer. The quoted prices do not include Value Added Tax, shipping costs, duties and other similar taxes unless there is another agreement. All prices that appear on RCS ITs' price list are recommended prices. If the costs of the commodity increase due to the purchasers conditions, it will be added to the price of the commodity. In the event of misprint RCS IT reserves the right to correct that error.

3. Conditions of Payment

Net cash payment shall be received by the vendor no later than eight days after the invoice date unless other has been quoted. Any delays in payment will be followed by interest on overdue payment computed at the rate of 1, 5 % per commenced month from fall due until payment has been finalized.

4. Scope of Delivery

The delivery time is estimated and RCS IT renounces any responsibility of delayed delivery. If the purchaser wishes delivery postponed it can only take place if a preceding agreement with RSC IT exists and then only by payment of charge. Delivery takes place on the account and risk of the purchaser.

5. Force Majeure

RCS IT is not responsible in case of force majeure. Herein counts also strike in the company, lack of energy supply, lacking supply from subcontractors as well as EDB- virus. The listing is not complete.

6. The Vendor’s Liability; the Buyer’s Duty to Inspect and Complaints

Information about offered or bought commodities capacities, dimensions and other data can vary from the delivered. Those deviations are not considered defects.

Provided that a product has expired or cannot be delivered, a better or equivalent commodity will be delivered. The purchaser is obliged to check the delivered at delivery and if the commodity suffers a defect, the purchaser must complain in a written form immediately.

Defects must be notified within a time limit of 12 months from the delivery. After the expiration of this time line possible defects objections will become void.

In the assistance of manufacturing defects it is the manufacturer or the distributor of the units’ guarantees and rules that apply to them which will be valid. 

In the occasion of mistakes on storage units such as discs, backup tapes or the likes, the guarantee only concerns the physical unit and the data that are on the unit. Reestablishment of data can according to an agreement be performed on the on the occasion and bill of the customer. 

Software products are not included of the mentioned conditions, because the software supplier licence agreements will be valid in these cases.

7. Product Liability

RCS IT cannot be held responsible if a delivered commodity is a sufficient or suitable solution for the customer, to the extent that the customer has given insufficient or imprecise information about the demands and needs. 

RCS IT is not responsible for shortages which have happened because of wrong or insufficient service, bad maintenance, and wrong electric supply, accidental incidents, normal toil or antiquity or other circumstances alike.

RCS IT is not responsible for damages and indirect loss or incompatibility in regards to software delivered by others than RCS IT. Likewise RCS IT is not responsible for errors by the software developed by third party and sold through RCS IT.

8. Repair and Mending of Flaws

An insufficient commodity can be returned to RCS IT for repair. On larger EDB systems it might be necessary that repair takes place at the customers’ offices.

If RCS IT is sent for in complaint cases, where shortcomings are not due to circumstances concerning RCS IT, the purchaser will receive an invoice corresponding to the applied prices.

9. Programme License

The purchaser acquires a non exclusive not transferable right of use for the agreed number of users and/ or for the agreed number of licenses bought of the programme. The purchaser is without justification to copy the program or parts of it except for necessary copying at installation.

10. Purchasers’ Annulment of an Order

Annulment can only happen after written consent from RCS IT and against compensation.

11. Conditional Sale

RCS IT keeps the ownership to any commodity until the full purchase price with supplement of
possible interests and costs is paid. 

12. Applicable Law and Venues

Any disputes between RCS IT and the purchaser shall be settled under Danish law. Disputes shall be settled by RCS IT’s parliament.

13. Construction Delivery Clause

At sale on buying or leasing contracts the regulations of the contracts also applies. These general conditions of sale and delivery can only be deviated from upon written agreement between the parties.