Disaster recovery

Automatic integrity check of backup data 
Backing up business critical data is important for any company, but only when you suddenly need to restore system data after a crash or other data loss will you know the true quality of your backup. 

The person who is responsible for data integrity will therefore usually run data and system software tests – on a fixed schedule or “once in a while” – to check the validity of the backup data. 

Through our partner Athena we can offer you a solution to automate this process and provide regular status reports detailing the condition of the company’s backup data and whether it can be reloaded for use in the production environment. 

If the backup is usable, the recovery server will contain a live duplicate of data and systems that corresponds to the production environment. The person responsible for data integrity will receive a report confirming this. 

The report make it possible to correctly judge the equivalence of system and backup data as well as produce an accurate assessment of how quickly a system can be operational again after data failure.

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