Cyber ​​attacks can hit everyone!
Every year, more companies are hit by cyber attacks. These attacks can have major costs, for operation, efficiency and economy. So how do you prevent your business from being hit?

A business can be affected in many different ways, but the most well-known is phishing when trying to defraud you of personal information that could be used for fraud, theft or other crime. Typically, they take place by an employee receiving an email from a sender you normally trust. A specific action will be requested, such as "click here", "log in" or "fill in". That is why it is important to dress all your employees well so that they do not fall into the trap. Your employees need to know that they need to pay attention to the sender's email, content and links.

The internal procedures must be in order so that all employees know how to handle "strange e-mails". By having all employees know the security policy, your company is stronger in the fight against cyber attacks.

Classic error

One mistake we often see is that companies forget to update security systems and Windows clients. Security decreases when programs are not updated, so it is recommended to have an employee who is responsible for all updates. When updating your programs, it is important to read the terms and conditions carefully.

RCS IT and IT security

When you buy a product from RCS IT, we always ensure the best IT security. Systems have been updated so that you are secured as best as possible.