More about Uniconta

Erik Damgaard is well known for developing intuitive accounting software and Uniconta is no exception. Uniconta is a standard accounting software that include accounting, supply chain and projects. It is meant as a standard platform, which can be customized by partners to fit your needs. RCS IT have many years of experience with creating solutions to fit your need.


You can open multiple screen shots at the same time. Fields and screen shots can easily be moved, removed, added and stored in multiple editions per. User. Printouts can be designed individually. You can easily search for all data in the search field. All data is stored in the cloud. Via Uniconta API, all data is encrypted and stored.


The Financial module is the most advanced module in Uniconta. It can be used by all companies both small and large companies. The module include everything you need to record, report and monitor your businesses finances. The account plan contains all necessary account types and species. It shows balance per account, amount and calculation expressions. There are several bookkeeping journals and more can be added. You choose how many and which fields should be displayed. The VAT report is automatically calculated and shows the sum for each tax code as well as a specification.

Bookkeeping can be made in all currencies and is automatically converted to standard currency. You can make up to 5 dimensions of postings. Reporting tools show the dimensions. The names of the dimensions are optional. To all postings, there can be attached scanned documents in all file formats.

Simulation: When you have made a bookkeeping journal draft, it can be simulated before accounting. The balance can also be simulated before accounting. This way you can see the result of accounting before the journal is updated. Balance Reports can freely be designed, it is easy to create new or modify existing records. There can be posted in a number of periods at the same time. Each year is divided into periods. Both years and periods can be blocked and closed.

Inventory management

The inventory management in Uniconta keeps track of:

  • Where the product, location and space is
  • Cost (average, FIFO, solid) and cost of sales
  • Reservation of stock for orders
  • Rest Order Management
  • Statistics and history

During storage you can create all the items, bills of materials and services you purchase and supply, as well as keep track of your inventory, prices and stock value.


You can create purchase orders to suppliers and sales orders for customers and the software will automatically reserve the goods in your inventory. You can make individual price lists, discounts and VAT configurations. With order management it keeps track of when a product is delivered. Invoices can be sent in e-mail or printed and sent. Invoice layout can be designed individually with your logo. Invoices are automatically updated in the debtor/creditor accounts and financial accounts.

The auditor access

Your accountant or bookkeeper can get Univisor access. This way they have online access to clients' accounts. Clients can send their documentation directly to Uniconta so accountant or bookkeeper has direct access.

Convert to Uniconta

There is made a free converting tool for Uniconta that easily and securely transfer your data from Dynamics C5 or e-conomic. You can transfer all your master data and all of your transactions in the modules finance, debtor and creditor.

Free Demo

You can try Uniconta for free in 30 days. Demo