PDF Email

Go green and save money!
Make your bookkeeping efficient with a simple solution that saves time and resources for the employees and the company, while you protect the environment. 

When you have to post invoices you spend money on stamps, envelopes, paper, and you spend time packing the letters and going to the post office. With RCS PDF Email you save yourself all these expenses, by simply sending an email with a pdf of invoices, credit notes and account statements.

Be efficient

More and more companies send invoices via email, because it presents so many benefits for the company, the customer and the environment.


  • You save money on stamps, envelopes and paper
  • You save time on packing envelopes and going to the post office
  • You use less paper and thereby protect the environment
  • Mailing becomes fast and efficient

Use your own layout
You can use your own letter layout, which ensures that your formulas look professional and will brand you.

Functions that make your job easier:

  • Send formulas by email as attached pdf-files
  • Send invoices, account statements, and credit notes
  • Send a document to several recipients
  • Send to print or email
  • Control customer and supplier formulas
  • Print to different layouts
  • Make your own letter layout

Get your own solution installed now

RCS delivers PDF Email to Microsoft C5, Microsoft XAL, SAP Business One and Uniconta.

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If you are interested in hearing more about what RCS IT can offer, give us a call and get in touch with Robert Schytt.