WEB Complaint

Do your company spend a lot of time on Complaints? Optimize your process!
With RCS WEB Complaint, Web shops can offer their customers to submit complaints and return products online. The solution meets a need for online requests, from unhappy Web shop customers regarding a product or service that they have purchased.

Customer dialog

RCS WEB Complaint makes the process of complaint handling visible, structured and interactive. With the opportunity for a personal and documented work. Coworkers can access data in special cases. The customer is notified each time you send something.

Compensation management

With RCS WEB Complaint, you are assured that both you and your client are obliged to complete the entire process within a certain period. A form of compensation can be exchange, credit note, partial credit note or decoration. If you need to order an item during the compensation process, you can do so directly from the form.

RCS Complaint module is integrated between RCS WEBSHOP and SAP Business One.

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