Web Business Manager

RCS Web Business Manager is a simple and efficient web-based system where you can, among other things, register the time and resource consumption on cases and tasks in your company.

The system offers a number of features that always come with a standard version of the system. In addition, it is possible to purchase modules or have special developed modules that suit your company's needs.

Time Recording

The core of RCS Web Business Manager is based on an easy and efficient time registration for the individual employee. Have a clear weekly card, the employee can enter his hourly consumption on the individual cases.

Invoicing of time performed in the field

With RCS Web Business Manager, you get an easy overview of all the company's cases and projects. It enables optimal case management, providing results directly on the bottom line. Real time consumption, on a given task or project, can always be made visible and invoiced.

Statistics and economics

RCS Web Business Manager gives you an easier way to get an overview. With the help of the built-in report generator, it is possible to prepare dynamic reports that can tell you about all economic and static data.

Products and Stock

RCS Web Business Manager also offers a full approach to attending products, compiled from price lists prepared in integrated software. The overview also tells you the stock status of these products.

Project management

Web Business Manager offers comprehensive project management, which ensures that all data regarding a project is gathered in one system. Some of the features that WBM's project management can offer are the following:

  • A project's budget can be followed and administered directly. This means that you do not have to think about multiple platforms to keep track of the project.
  • Invoicing can take place directly from the system. This means that it, like other elements, is dynamic and can be automated or integrated with your ERP-system. WBM supports all common billing methods.

Customer and Campaign Management

RCS WBM contains a comprehensive customer, supplier and subject directory, in which you can create an unlimited number of contacts per. business partner and journal all important master data.

Staff Management

Web Business Manager personnel management, can answer all questions, such as, how much vacation do I have left? How much time off do I benefit from? How many kilometers have I driven in my private car this month? In addition, reports can be easily generated that show the individual employee's invoicing rate, hourly consumption and cases.

RCS Document Interface

Create, edit and send your case documents from one and the same interface.
Web Business Manager has efficient document management. This means that you can write quotes, project descriptions etc. in word and excel. With RCS Web Business Manager Document Interface (DI) you can create, edit and send all documents related to the project from one and the same interface.

When you use RCS Web Business Manager Document Interface, all your documents are automatically saved with the case. This has the advantage that you no longer have to search for any written correspondence or offers elsewhere in your network - now you just click on the document from within the case.

Customer service

RCS IT offers several options for calling in support. We can offer a Support Desk which processes support tickets. Another option is to plan directly from the project management when you need support with the program.

Access 24/7 via the Internet regardless of location
RCS Web Business Manager is Internet based, which provides great benefits for your business. The system does not have to be installed on the employee's machine and the employee has access to the system from the office, from home and out in the field via a PC, tablet or mobile phone with Internet access.
RCS Web Business Manager is integrated with SAP Business One, Uniconta, E-conomic, C5, XAL, etc.