Mobile solutions

Save time and money with data at your fingertips.

Companies need to keep developing and be faster and more efficient, most often with limited resources. This is why we offer RCS Mobile Solution for your business, to save time and be more efficient.
RCS Mobile Solution is a handheld terminal, that can scan in information to ERP-systems. The user can perform his work quickly and easily because information exchanges is automated, so that the mobile employee has all the information at hand.
There are great benefits on a daily basis by automating data collection with handheld terminals. A mobile handheld terminal is a workstation that is wirelessly integrated. It makes it simple and intuitive to perform the daily tasks, without being tied to the office. In a world where flexibility is paramount, this very advantage of being able to work anywhere is an important reason to make employees mobile.
The handheld terminal can be from Intermec model CN 50, which has many functions and a robust quality.

All these features your company can use in its daily work with these actions:

Electronic data collection, transport, logistics, stock status, goods delivery, goods receipt, ticketing, price control, order picking, order picking at trade fairs, order recordings for sellers on the go, efficient order handling, active price control, creating new customers at the moment, reviewing inventory, creation of barcodes, ability to create your own barcode design, integration and communication for several business solutions, reports and statistics.

We specialize in tailoring solutions to exactly the needs and challenges modern companies face today.

3 reasons
  1. The mobile employee has all information right at his fingertips
  2. The daily tasks can be completed without being tied to the office
  3. You save time and money with the mobile solution's flexibility.

See our product sheet below

If you are interested in hearing more about what RCS IT can offer, give us a call and get in touch with Robert Schytt.