Environment friendly Terminal solution

Save energy with thin clients
The PC has become an integral part of our work over the last many years and is part of most processes in a modern company. A workstation requires installation, updating, maintenance and not least power. In short: It takes a lot of energy to run the company's IT - both in terms of electricity and resources.

With a terminal solution from our partner Athena, where you replace employees' PCs with thin clients, your company can achieve measurable results on the bottom line!
This is achieved by saving power as well as saving on PC maintenance.

Let's look at the math *: We take a company with 100 PC users, where 80% of PC users switch to thin clients:
- The company saves DKK 78,419 on electricity per year
- The company saves the environment 45,201.6 kilowatt hours per year

The calculation does not include the hours saved on installation, updating and maintenance.