Industry Solution = Planning Solution

RCS IT has created an industry solution to SAP Business One, which is customized specifically to companies that work with logistics and transport.


With RCS Cargo One, you are able to book vehicles, while it automatically gets reported to SAP Business One. In a single screen, you will be given an overview of all bookings. Your regular customers, can be created in the system, with custom price agreements. After which the prices are automatically calculated. With the booking system, you can easily see the following:

  • Are the trucks loaded?
  • Where are they going?
  • When are they to arrive?

The booking system is fully integrated with SAP Business One, and the information is always ready for use, ex. For accounting, so they can send out the in-voices, without first having to look at the booking system.


The system can calculate the prices both for your own hauliers, but also for extern hauliers. All you have to do is set the kilometre rate for each haulier. If a company uses its own vehicles, the sum is transferred to the vehicle account. The system can handle custom prices with different customers. The custom prices can be set up in zones, based around zip-codes, or it can be set at a fixed price per unit, but also out from a minimum and max price.

Entry- and exit drafts are used, with the possibility of customizing storage regulation. It is also possible to register a serial number, expiration date, pallet-id, pallet-spot, location and more while entering in entry and exit in the warehouse. A history shows all the entries and exits of wares, lots and pallets. It can also calculate warehouse rent and shipping or it can use a custom set price.


It is possible to add several different kinds of information to a piece of cargo, ex. The owner of the cargo, item number, supplier, dimensions and any information regarding security and safety.

What is possible with RCS Cargo One?

  • Online booking
  • Online registering of co-workers time worked
  • Online registering of time worked on a project
  • Access 24/7 via the internet
  • Handle individual custom set prices
  • Run a warehouse
  • Give a great overview
  • No install – online use
  • Easy to use

The picture shows the disposal of cars and trailers on a specific date.

If you are interested in hearing more about what RCS IT can offer, give us a call and get in touch with Robert Schytt.

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