RCT-Jylland is a non-political, humanitarian organization whose primary purpose is to treat and rehabilitate survivors of torture and other traumatized refugees. The center was established in 1985 as one of the first of its kind in the world. The center is run as a self-governing institution with an operating agreement entered into with the Region of Southern Denmark.

RCT-Jylland has collaborated with RCS IT since 2014 and last year got a new and more modern website.

Merete Hviid Flensburg from RCT-Jylland says:

“We are really happy with our new and more up-to-date website. The page is easy to navigate, and the design is nice and adapts to all devices. The process of creating a new website took place in close collaboration with a web designer from RCS IT with a focus on ensuring that both the visual expression and the structure of the CMS came to meet our expectations. ”

RCT Logo