Today, almost everyone walks around with a mobile phone in their pocket, so why not use it to order items on?

With RCS App Shop, your customers can order products directly on their phone. RCS App Shop is an app that make it possible to order items anywhere and anytime.
It is compatible on both Android and iOS devices.
This app is great for the companies that have many regular customers. Customers log in to the App, find the products they need, and order. The items can be sorted in categories or be found in the search function. The app has a security system, and customers is sent a new code on SMS, each time before they can log in.
The app can be designed to fit all companies with colors, logos and products.

Promote to your regular customers

RCS App Shop can promote a product to your regular customers, by creating a campaign. If your customers order the promotional product several times within the promotional period, the App can handle itself and deduct any discounts. When you start a campaign, your customers will receive a notification on their mobile.
You can read more about RCS App Shop in our product magazine.


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