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RCS IT has worked with several retail businesses, such as DAC Bookshop. Our experience tells us that retail businesses often fall short on integration between the web and the checkout solution.

At the same time, RCS IT has worked with service businesses, such as Athena, AD DATA and Haustrup Camping. The service businesses often fall short with integration between their different IT-solution. This can result in trouble with time management in one system, and then to invoice it manually.

The retail businesses often have several different products, and use different IT-solutions, which complicate the everyday workload for them. RCS IT offers one integrated solution, which also resolves the double work of manually managing stock and invoices.


RCS Retail One At RCS IT we have wished to create an easier workday for our customers. Our products, such as RCS Retail One, which is an add-on to SAP Business One, you will have a fully integrated product.

Web shop RCS IT also wants you to have a compatible web shop, fully integrated with the other products we provide.

RCS WorkSheet One RCS WorkSheet One is one of our unique products that can be acquired in both a basic and plus-pack. With RCS WorkSheet One, your business can effectively make your workload easier by planning the workday and integrate bookkeeping with bank systems.

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