Implementation is an important factor to us –a good beginning for you and your company and also a success to us.

We divide the implementation into 3 phases

Phase 1 – Start-off Meeting:
To ensure that we are in agreement and to get a good start on things, we have a start-off Meeting in connection with the implementation. In this meeting, we will collaborate with you and go through the company’s way of working and decision-making that will concern demands to future registration.

Phase 2 – Configuration:
After the Start-off Meeting, the solution is being configured according to the requirements we agreed on at the Start-off Meeting. All system parameters will be set up, employee information is entered, customers will be entered into the system etc.

Phase 3 – Education:
We operate with two types of user education: an administrative education and a user education. The administrator education takes around half a day. Here we will thoroughly go through all the functions in the system and ensure that the new administrator is capable of making changes and maintain the system.

The user education will last about one hour. Here we go through all the functions the employees will be using in their daily usage of the system.


If you are interested in hearing more about what RCS IT can offer, give us a call and get in touch with Robert Schytt.