Time Stamp

RCS Time Stamp is the tool for handling the employees Come/Go and Job/Time-registrations.
The system collects all the aspects of Come/Go and Job/Time registrations in one simple system.
Registrations can be typed in directly into the system using a standard PC, a mobile phone, or portable hand terminals. RCS Time Stamp fits all types of companies, whether they have simple or complex demands for schedule registration. The employees simply report their activities directly into the system, instead of filling out time-consuming notes and forms which then has to be reported in the company’s administrative systems afterwards.

Furthermore, the system can use bar code cards, magnet cards, or RF cartons as identification in connection with Come/Go registrations.

Additionally, RCS Time Stamp can generate valuable management reports, which quickly and easily give you a review of the company’s resources and the economy of projects.

RCS Time Stamp is based on one of the world’s best and widely known economy systems, SAP Business One. Efficient Come/Go registration is offered for small and midsize companies.
  1. You save time because you can import information directly into the system instead of filling out time-consuming papers
  2. You get management reports that give you an overview of the company’s resources and the economy of projects
  3. You get the opportunity to register all relevant points about job and time

If you are interested in hearing more about what RCS IT can offer, give us a call and get in touch with Robert Schytt.