BEMA A/S is an order producing company, which has specialized in internal transport based on screw conveyors.
  • Projecting of complete transport systems 
  • Special manufacturing of screw conveyors
  • Manufacturing of screwrotors
  • Manufacturing of loose screw flights


BEMA in steep growth
The target group of customers are iron industrial companies, consulting engineer companies and trades and production companies.

The company started in 1947 and today is a modern company with 43 qualified employees. As Bema has experienced steep growth for the recent 10 years, the company invested in 3,95369 acres ground in the industry park of Haderslev and Vojens. The first stage of the new construction was finished in 2005. We chose the location because it has a good business secured district plan, a great location and infrastructure, Steen Madsen says.

International export
Bema exports around 25 % of the production in Scandinavia but many of the projects for the home market also goes to export , so all in all 80 % of the production goes to foreign countries.

The company has throughout many years solved the administrative assignments in the DOS based economy system Navigator. But when the company in 2003/2004 was looking for a more modern system the choice fell upon SAP Business One

Bema chooses SAP Business One
SAP Business One is from the very beginning build up around a windows based user surface and a Microsoft SQL database. The system contains all the modules for handling administrative tasks.
  • Financial bookkeeping with unlimited accounting
  • Debtor and creditor management
  • Stock management included unit handling
  • Order and purchase control 
  • Customer and subject control CRM
  • Service management
  • Several languages

When we had to choose our future system we had to define some demands that had to be fulfilled:
  • An international system with several languages and currency management
  • User friendly and windows based.
  • Flexible database 
  • Hour/case management with possibility of after calculation 
  • Document handling 
  • Conversion of Navigator data for the new system

“We chose SAP Business One, because we could get our needs and wishes completed in this new system”

RCS IT follows through
Our local IT dealer RCS IT A/S has been handling all the practical details. We started using our new system the 1st of October 2004 and our employees have received the new system well, even though it has been a big step away from a DOS based system for windows.

RCS IT has been following us through the whole process and has a broad competence in the economy systems. 

System consultant Alfred Zimmerman has educated our employees and system developer Robert Schytt has programmed our wishes for project management. 

"RCS IT has been a professional partner in regards to implementation and use of SAP Business One as a central system in the organization. When we have had special wishes for reconstruction and functions in the program RCS IT has proven themselves to be full of ideas and flexible, and we have always been able to get the solution we needed.”, says Tina Poder from Bema.