RCS Consulting Service

Collaboration is about being able to strengthen each other. RCS IT helps the customer to find the best product. When we meet the companies/our customers, our goal is to help them to choose the product that can benefit them the most.

RCS IT can offer unique integrated solutions

RCS IT wants to strengthen companies and we can do that with the competitive products we already have, but also by creating unique solutions for those companies that have special wishes or requirements for a software solution. This benefits both us and the customer because both parties get something out of the process.

RCS IT offers professional consulting services:

Our consulting service offers advice on:

  • Implementation
  • Best choice of product
  • Integration of products in the company
  • Optimization of business processes
  • Hosting Guide

RCS IT educates its customers

In addition, RCS IT's consulting service also offers to train customers in the new solutions.
We provide a complete introduction, provide support in the start-up phase and are available with advice and guidance about the product.