Document Scan Order

With RCS Document Scan in the cloud, you can easily view, verify, and approve information from any location. RCS Document Scan is a web-based solution that interprets information from your Orders. An intelligent solution that gets better and better at interpreting your data and automatically provide data to your ERP system.

RCS Document Scan is an intuitive program that is easy to handle. You send your orders by e-mail, which is registered through RCS Document Scan Order. Orders are interpreted and read by the self-learning system. This means that the machine is constantly evolving and getting better at finding the correct data.

This way you can focus on other important stuff. Manual typing mistakes is a problem of the past. Once an order is approved, it is automatically forwarded to your ERP system.

3 Good Reasons

1. Automate the process of data entry. Minimize errors

2. Self-learning and intuitive program

3. Interprets information at row level - even if the rows vary in length or space.