WEB Complaint

RCS WEB Complaint is a single, integrated, and affordable ERP software solution for companies whose core value focuses on their customers.

Online complaint handling
With RCS WEB Complaint, web shops can enable their customers to lodge complaints and return products. This solution meets the need for online requests from unsatisfied customers regarding a product or service that they have purchased.

Customer dialogue 
RCS WEB Compliant makes handling complaints a visible, structured, and interactive process. With an opportunity for personal and documented work, your colleagues with access to data can find out the particular case. The customer is alerted every time you send a formal correspondence.

Compensation management
With RCS WEB Complaint, you are assured that both you and your client are obliged to complete the entire process within a specified time. A compensation form can be exchange, credit, partial credit or rebate. If you need to order a product under the compensation process, you can do it directly from the form.

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