Web Business Manager

In addition to a long line of functions, which always comes with the standard version of the system, it is possible to buy modules or get specially developed modules that fit your company’s needs.

Document handling
Set up, edit and send your case files from one and to the same interface: effective document handling with RCS WBM Document Interface (DI).

When you use RCS WBM DI, all your documents are automatically saved with the case. This has the advantage that you don’t have to search for some written correspondence or offers elsewhere in your network. You simply click on the document in the case.

With RCS WBM DIs built-in editor, you get the best from Word combined with all the relevant data from RCS WBM. If you set up an offer template, you can use the page set-up from Word, the letterheadfor instance, and at the same time integrate fields from RCS WBM (Customer name, address etc. as well as budget lines that contains hourly prices, groceries, invoices and more).

RCS WBM DI also means that your employees do not need to be instructed in a whole new system, because the system enables your employees to keep working in Microsoft Office.

Last, but not least, RCS WBM DI can also send the set up documents via email.

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Modules for Web Business Manager