Time sheet entry

Get an overview, save time and money with RCS WBM Project
Time and invoices is the Alpha and Omega for a consulting company that runs on selling their services on an hourly basis. It is important to exploit your resources fully and get payment for all the hours that have been spent on a project. 

Therefore, it is crucial that the employees have easy access to somewhere they can register hours on a project. It should also be easy to do, because the employee is much less likely to get it done if the process is convoluted or confusing.

The core in RCS WBM is easy and effective time registration for every employee. In a week chart that provides the perfect overview, the employee can enter the time spent on each task.

RCS WBM is internet-based, which gives the company great advantages; It is not necessary to install the system on each employee's computer, so the employee has access from the office, from their home and in the field – via a pc with internet access a PDA or a mobile phone.

Week Chart with a great overview
With a user-friendly week chart, the employee can easily register the time spent on a task. It shows a perfect overview of all the projects and cases attached to each individual employee. With just a few clicks, time is registered on a project.

More overview – gives you more hours to invoice
Experience from our customers has shown that the invoices have increased because more hours are being registered on the cases and then invoiced. With a proper system, all hours will be registered and can quickly be documented to the customer. It will only require a few more hours registered per employee for the system to be completely paid off.


  • Fast and easy time registration
  • Increased number of hours and increased number of invoices to customers
  • Access 24/7 via the internet, no matter where you are
  • Less administration
  • User-friendly and easy to learn

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