SMS Solution

Manage SMS Text Messaging via computer

RCS has developed an sms solution that can be tailored according to your specific needs. 

With RCS SMS Solution, you can SMS work-related tasks to employees in a big company or SMS to employees on the road. SMS services are electronic systems that are handled through a computer. As a company, you can use it in relation to many tasks, for example as reminders.


Turn those long calls into short text messages
Today, the situation is often so that the company must call the employees every day. If the company has many employees, it is a big burden. 


Reduce the workload
By sending an SMS instead, the workload will be diminished significantly. You will be able to see the status of each SMS on the screen. The employees can use the SMS service to SMS their work notes, guard changes, service for customers and can be used for customer care in general . 

With RCS SMS Solution you can handle:

  • Customer contact via SMS
  • Competitions and quizzes
  • Votes and opinion polls
  • Collections
  • Messages
  • Payment for services
  • Chat
  • Micro payments
  • Ringtones
  • Logos and news
  • Sign-ups
  • Order of information
  • Sending multiple SMS messages

There is the option to choose whether you want one-way communication (meaning only sending information) or two-way communication, where you can both send and receive information.

See our product sheet below

If you are interested in hearing more about what RCS IT can offer, give us a call and get in touch with Robert Schytt.