Online Backup

Are you aware of how your business critical data is secured? If not, then it’s likely that they aren’t.

RCS IT can help you make sure that your data is backed up and secured. With Athena Backup, we are able to secure your data easily and manageable. The backup happens online, where the data is sent to a centre of operations at a set interval, where it will be backed up and stored.

Fast and easy

  • First, our technicians will install all required software on the company’s server.
  • A complete backup is saved of all relevant files and folders.
  • Daily online automatic backup.
  • Daily e-mail on all information regarding the daily back-up.

All data is decrypted, so it is only readable by your company.

That way you will no longer need to worry about power outages, water damage or fire, as you will know that your backup will be waiting for you.

Your backup is easily found, if you need it. You simply just select the file or all of the files you need, and press “restore”. Your data will then be on the way to you.

It is really that easy, are you sure want to risk it?