Industry Solution

SAP Business One is an ERP-system that handles every part of a business in one program. SAP Business One is a customized solution for small and medium-sized companies. SAP Business One has many different functions and possibilities of use, where RCS IT’s comprehensive knowledge about the optimal use of the program is very important for our customers. RCS IT knows that all companies are different, and know that it is very important to understand the needs of every customer.


What is SAP Business One?

SAP Business One is a complete solutions, where its most important task is to give you an extensive overview over all of the companies activities in a single program. The program includes ex.:

  • Accounting and finance
  • Sales and customers
  • Purchases and operation
  • Stock and distribution
  • Reports and administration


RCS IT has through the years specialized in delivering software-solutions that are fully integrated with SAP Business One. This means that we have experience working with retail-solutions.


One of our solutions is RCS Webshop. RCS Webshop is already build for you, only thing you have to do is choose the design with colours and the logo after which you can control your own webshop. In your new webshop, you can easily create new items and connect different products. The webshop is integrated with SAP Business One and the program can therefore see if items are in or out of stock. This gives quality of life for your customers, because they can easily see how long of a delivery they can expect.


RCS IT also has a payment system that is integrated with Wannafind, Nets and others. With a payment system, you can receive online payments via credit cards on your website or your web shop. In addition, the payment system gives you a manageable overview of your shops turnover, number of transactions, payments with other currency, and what payment options that are used. It is also easy to find a specific payment and approve, cancel or return it.