Industry Solution

RCS IT can offer all artisans a different customized solution, which can help you get a better overview.

RCS IT can provide you SAP Business One, which is an ERP-system, specifically designed for small and medium-sized companies. SAP Business One includes every part of your company, like accounting, finance, sales, customer control, purchases, operation, stock, distribution, reports and administration. SAP Business One comes with a lot of possibilities, and this is where RCS IT’s comprehensive knowledge can help you get the most use out of these systems.

Today it is possible to get SAP Business One on several different platforms, you choose yourself if you want it installed on your own server, or you can let us do everything so you have more time and effort to work with your expertise. You can have your IT-system in the cloud, take it with you everywhere you go. You can log in on your phone, iPad or via a computer. SAP Business One can be customized to fit the needs of your company.

RCS IT has developed different add-ons for SAP Business One, which are focused around solving different issues that different industries have. One of our add-ons, Web Business Manager (RCS WBM) is relevant for many artisans. RCS WBM is fully integrated with SAP Business One and can be used for:

  • Co-worker timesheets, which can be tied to projects
  • Generating In-vocies in the .pdf format, which be sent via E-mail
  • Documenting and archiving all contact with customers
  • Sending out sales and campaigns
    So much more…